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Dr. Firodia receiving Award from Acharya Chanaaji

Veerayatan International is a nonprofit organization. Since 1996, the organization is exempt from the U.S. Federal Income Tax under the Section 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described  in Section 501 (c) (3). The  Federal Tax Exempt ID is 52-1956271.



The picture depicts key members of Veerayatan International when they met in Paramus, NJ U.S.A. on September 15, 2013. In the picture from left to right: Dr. Nayan Shah – Executive Vice President, Dr. Ketki Shah – Chairman Publication , Shri Acharyashri Chandanaji, Dr. Abhay Firodia – President, Veerayatan India, Dr. Kiran Patel – Conference Chairman, Dr. Sudhir Parikh – Chairman & Publisher, Parikh Worldwide Media, Dr. Vinod Shah – Chairman Fund Raising Committee, and Mr. Amar Shah – President, Veerayatan International U.S.A.


We create opportunity to beautify the life of people in the world. We work with local communities and other Non-Government Organizations (NGO) in the world.