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Give the Gift of Sight the Day You Saw the Light


The Eye Hospital (Netra-Jyoti Seva Mandiram) in Veerayatan, Rajgir, Bihar helps to restore the sight in over 7000 eyes each year. The demand to receive the gift of sight, in the poverty stricken state of Bihar is never ending. Veerayatan aims to eradicate blindness from Bihar through the promotion of education, health programs, setting up training courses, and awareness campaigns. Many other medical treatments are offered through Veerayatan healthcare services.


The program is very simple. Typically we each celebrate a birthday every year. In the celebrations, we spend a significant amount of money in gifts, entertainment, traveling, eating at restaurants, etc. In celebrating our birthdays (THE DAY WE SAW THE LIGHT), could we afford $30.00 to support one eye treatment (THE GIFT OF SIGHT)? The answer is most definitely, “Yes”.  Give the Gift of Sight, the Day you Saw the Light!  The program sends a birthday wish and a reminder for an annual contribution for an eye treatment.


Once joining the program, you receive annual birthday wishes along with a  reminder to send a contribution for the birthday. This is not a lifetime commitment nor you need to  contribute every year. The program expects one voluntary annual contribution to support one eye treatment. Use the form below to register and/or contribute to support the program.


Give the  ever lasting gift of a lifetime that will bring you never diminishing fulfillment. As with any contributions to Veerayatan International, the contribution is tax deductible in the U.S.A.


To register for this program download, complete and follow the mailing instructions on the form available online or contact Mr. Madhuker Mehta by:

e-mail:             mamehta@veerayatan-intl.org ,


or by mail

                        100 Windspring Court, Cary,  NC 27518-9016, U.S.A. (Phone:   919-816-0900).