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HELP while you SHOP



Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? But, it is true, you can help while you shop at Amazon, and Amazon will donate to Veerayatan International, U.S.A. This doesn’t impact the purchase price of any item nor any of your Amazon services. If you are interested in helping out, continue to read and follow.


Only 2 easy steps to start shopping and donating.  Click the link below to register, and select Veerayatan as your preferred charity to receive donations. Now, when you go to shop, instead of going to Amazon.com, make sure to go to AmazonSmile.com. The rest is automatic, and the best part is that this quick, one time setup takes care of all future shopping trips also! The AmazonSmile.com site retains the same looks, feels, registry, wish list, etc. as your current Amazon.com. All benefits associated with your Amazon.com account will also transfer over (e.g. Amazon Prime). 

Step 1:      CLICK here:  smile.amazon.com
Step 2:      Enter your Amazon.com account ID/Password and select Veerayatan as your choice of organization.
You’re done!

Note, for future shopping trips:

Instead of shopping online at amazon.com, go and shop at smile.amazon.com (all future shopping). The smile.amazon.com shopping experience/benefits remains the same as shopping at amazon.com while keeping all of your Amazon privileges. To not miss any donation opportunities, you should change your bookmark to replace amazon.com with