VEERAYATAN in Kutch, Gujarat


On 26th January 2001, a devastating earthquake struck the region of Kutch, Gujarat. Seeing the devastation caused, the Sadhvijis of Veerayatan who were deeply moved, immediately rushed to the area  to initiate relief and rehabilitation work along with several Members of the Board of Directors and other Veerayatan volunteers. With the blessings of Acharya Shri Chandanaji, under the dynamic leadership of Sadhviji Shilapiji, several stopgap schools and vocational training centers were set up to support the local population. Recognizing the vast need for ongoing rehabilitation and for education at all levels, Veerayatan then established many permanent centers of learning in Kutch. Using a professional approach, along with inculcating moral and spiritual values, Veerayatan has created a revolution in the educational field in Kutch.


Need for Education in the Rural Areas of Kutch

At first sight, a literacy rate of 71.58% in the district of Kutch, Gujatat, on the Arabian Sea north of the Gulf of Kutch,  appeared very good, except when we found that 80% of the children dropped out of school before completing the education. Challenging economic circumstances, social taboos, lack of awareness, and a shortage of good teaching staff are just some of the reasons for the dearth of good education in Kutch. Veerayatan is committed to the economic and social empowerment of children in the rural areas of Kutch. Through education, Veerayatan aims to raise the level of literacy in these areas and help disadvantaged children realize their full potential.


Veerayatan Diagnostic Center, Mandvi

Kutch is the second largest district in the country but due to slow economic development and lack of basic infrastructure, the availability of modern medical facilities and services is very limited. This necessitates that medical centers with diagnostic testing facilities are needed to eliminate transportation of patients for even a minor test. A Veerayatan Diagnostic Unit located at the small AIMS Hospital in Mandvi provides such services. Further details can be found on the PROJECTS:HEALTH page.


Technical Education

Kutch, the largest district in the country, is witnessing an industrial revolution. Literate, skilled and educated manpower is in high demand in all industries in this burgeoning economic and industrial hub of Gujarat, one of India’s fastest growing states. Young people need to be trained professionally to gain employment in these specialized areas. Veerayatan has embarked on the journey of providing first class technical education so that young people can be involved in this process at the outset. Education in this field is vital for the health of the local community and the country as a whole.


Achievements to date

  • Relief and rehabilitation work at Kutch, Gujarat after the devastating earthquake of 2001. Immediate education in stopgap schools for 10,000 children
  • Since 2001, more than 12,000 people have become financially independent through 36 vocational training centers at different places in Kutch
  • Initiated KIDS and Shrutam projects to provide literacy and hygiene education for hundreds of slum and working children
  • Established elementary and secondary schools in Jakhania and an elementary school in Rudrani village for children, many of  whom were the first in the family to get any formal education.
  • Created modern dormitories for hundreds of children from villages where there is no provision of secondary education or good elementary education
  • Created various Undergraduate Schools (Colleges) to get degrees in Pharmacy, Business Administration, Computer college in the district of Kutch, Gujarat
  • Opened Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computer  Applications Colleges ( 2008 )
  • Established state of the art Veerayatan Institute of Engineering, Management and Research at Haripar in 2010
  • Clean, hygienic kitchen and dining facility at Jakhania for 500 sittings, which includes solar heating of water for cooking
  • To date, more than 800,000 square feet of construction completed
  • Water facilities for over 10,000 cows and other animals
  • Direct employment for 350 people
  • Extended helping hand to affected people in the eventuality of natural calamities in various parts of the country
  • The Veerayatan Diagnostic Center at the AIMS Hospital in Mandvi provides endoscopy and dialysis machines, a CT scan, X-ray facilities and dental care for a very minimal charge. As a result, a large section of the population benefits from this service.