Netra-Jyoti Seva Mandiram (Eye Hospital), Rajgir, Bihar


  • Established 1987, in the heart of Veerayatan – Rajgir, Bihar
  • Motto: Lord Mahavir’s Dictum “Je Gilanam Padirayai Se Dhanne” meaning, thereby, whomever serves the needy and sick is blessed
  • 52,600 square foot Hospital with 175 bed capacity with separate male and female wards
  • More than 200,000 eye operations performed and millions of eye examinations and checkupsscan0003
  • Center of Excellence in East India for Research and Treatment
  • State of the art equipment complemented by blood testing laboratory
  • Now provides General Medical Care Checkup
  • Highly qualified dentists provide dental treatments
  • Clean, healthy and hygienic environment
  • Hospital staffed with qualified professional doctors, dentists, pharmacists, Bachelors in Optometry students, and technical assistants (Diploma in Ophthalmologic Technicians – DOT)
  • Health Checkup camps are held in many surrounding villages as part of the OPD (Out Patient Department)) making it much easier for people in outlying rural areas to obtain ophthalmological and general medical care because of not needing to travel long distances.
  • Annual Mega-Camp is held in January to serve thousands of Eye patients in the region
  • Sadhvijis regularly visit patients to provide uplifting support and encouragement
  • Hospital maintains “non-violence” theme inclusive of vegetarian only food


Veerayatan Diagnostic Center, Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat


Kutch is the second largest district in the country but due to slow economic development and lack of basic infrastructure, the availability of modern medical facilities and services is very limited. The old seaport of Mandvi (southwest of Bhuj), the port of Mundra (south of Bhuj, east of Mandvi) and Abdasa Taluka northwest of Mandvi) are all costal districts with a combined population of more than 300,000 in this somewhat dense area on the Gulf of Kachchh. The Abdasa ni Panchtirthi (Five Jain Temples of Abdasa) are located one in each of the five towns in the Taluka Administrative District. Many in the area are in greatly reduced circumstances This necessitates that medical centers with diagnostic testing facilities are needed to eliminate transportation of patients for even a minor medical need.


A Veerayatan Diagnostic Center located at the small AIMS Hospital in Mandvi makes such services available. Using the Veerayatan equipment, the hospital medical staff provides the diagnostic tests and the assessment report at a reduced rate. Patients can then arrange to receive appropriate treatment.


The Veerayatan Diagnostic Center provides endoscopy and dialysis machines, a CT scan, X-ray facilities and dental care for a very minimal charge. As a result, a large section of the population benefits from this service to improve health care.


Veerayatan Health Center, Pawapuri, Bihar


The Veerayatan Health Center on the campus grounds at Pawapuri officially opened January 2013. The medical staff provides general medical care to the population of Pawapuri and the surrounding area as well as the students on the campus, in a newly constructed four story building.




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