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Making way for Life: Rehabilitation of Nepal, May 1, 2015


World Laments at the loss of lives in the devastating earthquake of Nepal. It happened so close to us and in such a short time that sometimes it seems unreal. It brought in front of us yet again the bare truth of life that “sooner, later everything comes to end.” Most of the times we take life for granted and fail to finish what we had started. But life is ever so unpredictable and nothing can be done about it. What is left behind in the midst of rubble and broken limbs are remaining family members who have lost not only their loved ones but also their life-time worth of savings and assets essential for sustenance. What has gone can never return and only their fond memories remain which will keep hurting, unless we make an effort to bring a change. Citizens of the world, now is the time to make a difference by uplifting the life of at least one needy human soul.

 Image: Powerful earthquake hits Nepal


India shares a deep connection with Nepal in form of Cultural and religious similarities which goes way beyond centuries. Himalayan Kingdom, the place where our most revered Acharya Bhadrabahu swami (writer of Shri Kalpa-sutra and Uvasaggaharam Stotra) meditated for 12 long years. It is also an important destination for Hindu and Buddhist Pilgrims. Over the course of time traditional Nepal transformed from Hindu Monarchy to modern day peaceful democracy. The quakes of 2015 however have left an unforgettable mark on its history.

 Disaster Scene 3 IDOL

Initial Steps to establish normalcy


Veerayatan family led by our revered and beloved Acharya Shri Chandanaji has come forward to make a valuable humanitarian contribution and extend our hands to the people of Nepal.

Acharyaji’s first and foremost aim is to secure as many children as possible and provide them food, shelter clothing and security. At a tender age, children are the ones that suffer the most. Our task will be to provide them with proper and essential care as well as protection. A make-shift school including primary medical care will also be started within a week of arrival.

Second most important task will be to attend to the unemployed. A make-shift camp will be established to impart essential skills to the needy so that they can be used as an important resource for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Nepalis. Transfer of essential skill will be important to secure livelihood and self-dependence for the homeless and needy.


The first three steps:

  1. Distribution of Essentials
  2. Care, Education & Holistic development of Children
  3. Transfer of Essential Skills

Long-term plans for the resurrection of society


Acharya Shriji wishes to “Inspire humankind to live a dignified life and provide quality education and health care”.  This will have prolonged benefits in the field of Education, Healthcare and Employment for the people of Nepal, its younger generation and will help heal its wounds.


The entire effort will have a very secular approach surpassing any religious bondage and reaching to the human beings at large.


Nepal Earthquake action plan by VEERAYATAN:


A team of Sadhvijis, members and volunteers from Veerayatan has taken-off from Kolkata Airport with necessary equipment including large weather-proof tents, medicines and other essentials and will camp near Kathmandu. Within couple of days the team will make the ground work for the relief. They first will get in touch with the local government body and arrange for a survey party which will travel around Kathmandu gauging the extent of losses and analyzing the initial steps that need to be taken.


Acharya Chandanaji M.S. is in action for immediate relief by providing dry food packets, medicine, blankets, tents etc. They are being sent from Patna by road route. Simultaneously establishing rehabilitation center for long term care of earthquake affected children, women and injured.

Acharya Shri Chandanaji appeals to everyone (doctors, teachers, and those with a kind and compassionate heart and wishes to serve). All are welcome to come forward and extend a helping hand to the disaster affected region of Kathmandu and Nepal. While details of the impact from the team continue to come in, Acharya Shri Chandanaji along with Veerayatan’s Sadhvis doctors and 40 volunteers is preparing to go to Kathmandu on the 15th May 1, 2015


Veerayatan is working on obtaining a piece of land (apex. 5 acres), to situate kids that are in real need, to give them a new hope, security and help them further their education. Veerayatan also wishes to set up vocational training centers in and around Kathmandu with the help of Nepal Government and many generous well-wishers.


We must come forward and extend our hands to the most essential cause of Rehabilitation Programme of Nepal and contribute willingly in form of – “Body (Tan), Soul (Mann) and Material (Dhan)”  to help citizens through social development (Seva), Empower people through training & education (Shiksha) and Stimulate humanity through development of inner self (Sadhana)”, again and again,  which will be a True Aradhana of the Almighty.




If you wish to offer monetary support, Veerayatan is a tax-exempt charitable organization.


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Every penny of your contribution will be judiciously used for earthquake relief work in Nepal.


Thank you in advance for your prompt and positive response.

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